Being an online Company doesn't mean we spread ourselves thinly across every area of the UK just to gain business.

 Although we are online and don't have expensive high street offices you can walk into (without prior notice), we still operate at a local level capacity to ensure we are able to provide the very best support for quality and speed for our clients, and their tenants. 

We have strategically placed ourselves at opposite ends of the country (plus an outsourced base in Birmingham), to balance our portfolio of yield and capital growth. We are then also able to offer our investors the same opportunity and advice to invest at either ends of the country, something that can often be difficult to manage.   

Where do we operate?
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Our registered office is based in the small, leafy village of Downham, just on the outskirts of Chelmsford. 

We operate within 15 miles of Downham, out towards Maldon, Southend, Rayleigh, Basildon and over to Warley. This means were only ever a 15/20 minute car journey away from an appointment, and can react quickly should the need arise. 

Essex is well know for TOWIE and its Jam, but has 2 mentions in the top 19th Richest towns in the country (Ingatestone 14th and Brentwood 19th).

Six of the top 10 rental hotspots outside of greater London are in Essex, with nearby Wickford, Basildon, Grays, Chelmsford and Braintree. 

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Some would ask, why Liverpool? 

Being some 250 miles away from head office, its not local. But, we have been investing in Liverpool since 2015 and our knowledge goes back beyond then. Its the main focus of our portfolio and where we have built up a fantastic team of experts who support the business daily. 

Liverpool has a very bright future for growth, the Peel Group began working with LCC in 2014 to develop the Docks and beyond which is now coming to fruition. We foresee this and have been advising investors on where their funds would be best kept. We are seeing and helping lots of investors from the south look for high Cash Flowing investment properties in the North of the country, and Liverpool has been at the top of the charts for the last 2 years for yield and price growth. This increase is great for investors but also great for quality of housing as we see money and jobs brought into the area to create a very exciting time. 

With the technology now in place we are able to effectively and efficiently manage, with our team, properties within an 8 mile radius of Croxteth.

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