Although RJL property Group aren't active deal Sourcers for Landlords or sell houses for clients, we actively work with Sourcers to find our own deals, as well as search through auction lots, and have a network for contractors that bring us off market deals via the other landlords they work with. 

We are only able to actively work with our landlords to provide a free support and advice service to:

- Stack deals they have found 

- Find ways to mitigate risks in their deals

- Work out costings for making it a positive cash flowing Asset

- Help and discuss the right funding options and deal structures

- Pass on deals that don't suit our criteria, but may suit someone with less risk appetite 

On occasions there are deals which wont work for us, but will suit the criteria for the clients we work with. In these situations, we will offer these deals out to clients to see how they fit (typically BTL investments ready to go).

This advise comes from our experience in the sector since 2016 through management, development and acquisitions of residential property, along with the support from our professional partners we work at #Partnersinproperty, our contractors, financial brokers, and financial advisors.

Finding GOOD deals is the hardest part of property investment, to coin a phrase by a good friend and broker of ours "Don't worry about the money, find the deals and the money will find you".

So, we wont actively find you personally specific deals, but will support you to make sure you don't buy a Lemon.