Tenant Portal

Once you are a tenant with RJL you will be able to visit the tenant portal via our QR code on the key fob. From there you will have access to: 

- All stored documents you may require (AST contract, certificates, how to rent guide, manuals, tenant welcome pack etc.),

- Emergency contact numbers for both ourselves and external support.

- Safety guides, videos, advice on how to look after the property, and how to look after yourself.  

- Frequenty asked questions

- Information about your property (bin collections, local events)

- Useful contact numbers (utility suppliers, Council, DPS etc.)

- Alarm Codes, key safe codes etc.

We also have a dedicated 24 hour text number for any maintenance issues. This allows us to track, initiate and efficiently deal with any problems that may arise. This number will be provided in your welcome pack.  

Alternatively you can contact us on the office number:

07723 918773

Monday          9am - 4pm

Tuesday         9am - 4pm

Wednesday   9am - 4pm

Thursday       9am - 4pm

Friday             9am - 4pm

Saturday          Closed

Sunday            Closed

or via email at:​ Maintenance@rjlpropertygroup.com

Are you looking for a property to rent?

Why not get in touch and see if we can help? 

if we don't have anything currently on our site that suits your needs, we can use our connections in the industry to help find something that does. 

Please get in contact​ so we can actively help you find your ideal home.

Do you know anyone that is homeless?

Have you walked by someone living on the street that wants help? or do you know anyone that is going to be made homeless?

We want to do all we can to help people, no one in the developed world should be living on the street. 

All we need is a name and a way of contacting that person.

Is your Landlord evicting you to sell up?

We've taken on properties from motivated or "distressed" Landlords wanting to exit the market. This saves the seller the problem of going through S21 notice and speeds up the sale, and the tenant doesn't have the problems of finding a new home and moving.  

If your Landlord is trying to evict you to sell the property please reach out, we will make contact and see if we can step in.