Additional Services

Inventories/ Mid term reports

Inventories at the start of the tenancy is key to prove the property you have provided meets the decent homes standards and forms the security should any part of the property be damaged (outside of fair wear and tear). This proof can be used to claim the deposit funds to cover costs or go further to claim extra costs where the deposit isn't sufficient. 

All Inventories and inspections are carried out by Ivan who is qualified to carry out high quality and diligent reports. 

Prices start from £75 for Inventories

£30 for Mid Term Inspection reports

House keeping

You may decide to offer a cleaning service during the tenancy, but will undoubtably require a deep clean between tenant change overs. This may range from anywhere between a light clean and hoover, to deep cleaning of ovens, fridges and carpets, or major rubbish clearance. 

We have partnered with Abbey and Tony to cover the full range.

Prices start from £18.50 per hour to clean 

Clearances start from £50 

Remote viewings

Have you ever found a property at the other end of the country that take your fancy but have no way to attend and the specified times? Why not let Ivan carry out the viewing for you, this can be done live or recorded. Its the ideal way of avoiding a 10 hour round trip and allows you to offer on a property with a view to buy or rent. 

You dont need to be a landlord of ours to benefit from this service. 

£35 per viewing

Eviction Support

From time to time unfortunate situations arise when, for whatever reason, a tenant is required to leave a property. Nick Gordon our partnered Eviction specialist is able to support you all the way through the process, we will work directly with Nick to supply the correct documentation and support the tenant through the process to make it as efficient as possible 

Stage 1 investigation and letter starts at £75

Tenant Find Only

We are so confidence that you see the value in our service that you wont want us just to supply a tenant only service.

Should you do, we have access to a range of charities, government backed agencies and supported living providers all looking for properties, as well as the processes in place to source professional tenants. 

Please check out the tenant types page to work out who would suit your asset type to mitigate risks in the portfolio.


Maintenance and Development

Having a property development business and our own portfolio, it has given us the chance to work with a large amount of contractors and seek the best in the market. 

We have a great team of builders that look after our properties, those of our clients, and develop out current projects. If you are a landlord looking to carry out a refurb project then Chris, Darren and Mike are on hand to help out. Just check out our team page to see their skillset.

For some of the refurbs we have done for ourselves and our clients, why not check out our facebook page.

Prices On application