Additional Services

Tenant Referencing

We will be able to carry out referencing on any tenant we have sourced on your behalf, or reference a possible tenant you have sourced yourself. We use a well known credit check supplier who are able to carry out multiple background checks to make sure we find the right tenant for your property. (Please check out 'Our Partners' section at the bottom of the page). We will provide all the findings for you to make the best decision based on the facts.

Contract Renewals

On most occasions Landlords and Tenants alike feel the security of signing a new contract. We will remind you of when the contract is coming up for renewal and seek your action going forwards. We will be able to advise on what we recommend and carry out any negotiations with the tenant, then apply the new agreement to the contract for signing. We will send you a copy for your records and upload to our tenant portal. 

Arranging Contractors

We have a selection of 'approved' contractors we have worked with on personal projects and have been very pleased with their work. We always dual source our contractors for every skill so we can act quickly to resolve any maintenance issues. All contractors have been cross referenced for quality and compliance.

Carrying out Inventories

Inventories are a critical document when it comes to onboarding and off boarding tenants, if any damage has occured during the tenancy period it will be very difficult to argue any claim for damaged items and retrieve the deposit or more. Shelley is our specialist in the Inventory process and reporting, she will make sure all inventory reports are water tight for any claim that should arise.  

Check in / Out

Along side our inventories we are able to check tenants in and out, this includes key handover, appliance and lock testing, smoke/ Carbon Monoxide alarm check, meter reading, utility set up and Inventory sign off.

Tenant Finding 

We offer a Tenant find only service, so if you want to Manage your own property yourself, we can source and sign up a Tenant on your behalf, or couple it with our tenant referencing and contracting services to fully onboard with the security of knowing full due diligence has taken place. We have approved tenants already waiting for their next property, which will save time and money by not needing to advertising and wait for responses. Alternatively we can run an advert on multiple platforms to seek out other potential tenants. We will advise on current market rates to attract reliable tenants and carry out in person and/ or virtual viewings. 

We also work with local charities, Social Housing providers and councils to offer a different letting option for our clients. This may increase income, or long term guaranteed secure income for your investment depending on the property, your strategy and appetite for risk.  


We are able to offer virtual viewings for you to view your property if you are based out of the area, or if you want to view a property that you are looking to purchase. We have connection to many out of town investors that can't make an appointment, so we will be able to provide an interactive viewing via the platform of your choice. 

Please contact us for further information on additional service rates, they can also be found on our Management Contract.