Serving Notice

Serving notice is never nice, or easy, and no one wants to evict a tenant unless its a very serious matter.

If your property is being managed by us, and we actively sourced, referenced and signed the tenant up then we will issue either a Section 8 (if a clause in the AST is broken) or Section 21 (no fault eviction) absolutely FREE.

This will be served by our partnered legal team who specialise in tenant evictions, they will support and advise the best route to take. We insure that all compliance and certificates documents are served at the start of the tenancy as not to delay any proceedings should they arise. 

Legal notices are delivered to the letter of the law by our professional eviction specialist and you will be supported, and advised through the process.

We offer this FREE service as we are completely confident that our tenant review process is robust, and we offer that piece of mind to you that we are working in the best interests of your asset.