Management and Rent Collection

For just 6% (inc VAT), we will:

- Make sure all rent is collected on the agreed date and pay over to you with a breakdown statement.

- Manage all maintenance with our in house team, you just need to sign off the PO (via whatsapp or email).

- We will remind you when the certificates and insurances expire and arrange or request new ones. 

- Carry out regular reviews with your properties to advise when contracts expire and how to financially plan for the following year.

- Supply a section 8 or section 21 notice free of charge via our legal partner if the tenant we took on goes into arrears by 2 months (within the first year).

- Hold all receipts and certificates on file for future reference, and issue to the tenants/ council where applicable. 

- Liaise with your accountant to provide a comprehensive list of income and expenses statement with a copy of all receipts.

- Be proactive in the asset management of the property to make sure investment performance is as efficient as possible, and strive to meet your KPIs.

- Lodge deposits free of charge to our DPS account.

- Not charge you an exit fee should you feel our service doesn't exceed your expectations.

- Not charge a set up fee to transfer your properties to us from another agent.

If the Tenant comes across difficult time we are able to work with and support them to find a solution. We will also work with you and advise on the next steps to take.