Remote Property Viewings

​(Liverpool and Essex only)

Are you ever strapped for time or feel you cant warrant driving long distances for 1 or 2 viewings?

Nor could we. Unless the time and travel costs stack up it, these barriers can hold investors back on what could be lucrative deals.

For a day to conduct even 2 or 3 viewings, a 340 mile round trip and £100 in fuel wouldn't be cost effective. 

That is why we have scaled our business to provide support to our southern based clients so they can view property in the Liverpool area without leaving the comfort of their home (or office).

For £40 (£30 to clients of our property management service) we are able to produce a virtual viewing for:

Your property to sell or rent, this can save a lot of time and money by cutting down applicants that aren't motivated, whilst also giving a better view of the property that pictures cant achieve. We can even do this live, so you can choose where we look! 

A property you are looking to buy. Agents will rarely take an offer without viewing the property, and buying a property without viewing can be a dangerous approach to property investing. 

​We felt the same pain which prompted us to start finding ways of efficiently viewing properties at short notice. We are now able to offer the same service to our clients to support their business growth a remove barriers to good deals. 

We are able to:

- Provide an interactive walk through at your control to specify where you wish to look, cupboards you wish to open or questions to ask the agent

- Pre record a walk through specifying what areas you would like us to pay particular attention to, then forward on to watch at your convenience. 

The world is your oyster with todays technology, and we are pleased to be able to break into a price point that offers great value, quality and speed in a fast moving market.