Guides and Safety Information 

Below you should find a selection of guides and supportive documents to help you keep physically safe, and informationally supported through out your time renting your property through RJL Property Group. These documents are not property specific, please read and listen to the audio carefully. Just press the link to be directed.

Mould Management

Tenants guide to Mould (V1)

Tenants guide to Mould (V2)

Fact sheets on why Mould occurs, how to prevent this and what YOUR responsibilities are, as a tenant, to prevent mould.

How to Rent Guide (formally distributed before contract starts)

How to Rent Guide V5 

Governments guide on how to rent a residential property in England, the obligations of both parties and how to understand the AST contracts

UK Governments Right to rent guide 

Right to Rent Guide

The Governments guide to compliance checks for renting a property in England.

Fire Safety whilst at home

Fire Safety Presentation  (Video)

Fire Safety Plan ​(Document)

​A helpful guide to fire safety. The video only takes 3 minutes to watch. about the same time from the start of fire to death....

The first safety plan is issued on the notice board in the communal hallway of all flats, but is applicable to all residential properties to safeguard your own well being. 

Legionnaires Disease

Tenants guide to Legionnaires Disease

Everything you didn't know about Legionnaires disease and contaminated water.

Tenancy Deposit protection

DPS (Deposit Protection) Terms and Conditions (Custodial)

DPS (Deposit Protection) Terms and Conditions (Insured)

Information on how your deposit is stored, the conditions each party play behind the deposit protection and the security of the deposit

Pest Control

Pest control guidelines

​How to manage the risk of rats, mice, bed bugs and rodents in the property. A MUST read of anyone that lives on housing estates or in HMOs.

Waste management and disposal of Rubbish

Waste Management

As part of our licencing conditions in some parts of the country, we must provide details on how to store waste, how to responsibility remove it, and what to look at as some materials are hazardous to health. Please take time to study this.

Looking after your pipes in the winter

Burst water pipes

During the winter months, as the harsh, minus temperatures start freezing the water around us, its imperative we are mindful of what can happen to our water pipes and how to prevent issues occurring. 

Rob Mason 

Managing Director 

RJL Property Group